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Tom Kear Executive Director,

A recent study by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
has shown that by purchasing prescription drugs from Canada, patients
may be paying over 800% more than they need to. America’s
highly competitive generic prescription drug market is a key to
real savings for the American consumer.

Sighting specific examples, the FDA compared U. S. generic prices
to Canadian generic and brand prices. Xanax provides an extreme
opportunity for savings by buying the U. S. generic version. Purchasing
the brand name Xanax in Canada costs over 800% more than the U.
S. generic version, while the Canadian generic version costs about
400% more than the U. S. generic version. Significant savings may
be realized on numerous drugs including Prozac (Canadian brand name
is almost 300% more than the U. S. generic and Canadian generic
about 130% more than the U. S. generic) and Vasotec (Canadian brand
name is about 500% more than the U. S. generic and generic Enalapril
is not even available in Canada).

Safety and efficacy continue to be issues with foreign drugs, in
addition to a frequent lack of real savings. Recent action by the
FDA against was brought about by the discovery that
the “pharmacy” sold counterfeit birth control contraceptive
patches that had no active ingredients. These counterfeit contraceptive
patches provided no protection against pregnancy.
also sold other prescription drugs, apparently without receiving
any of those drugs from the manufacturers.

Properly structuring a prescription drug benefit based solely on
U. S. supplied pharmaceuticals can provide your employees both a
safe and cost effective benefit. The old axiom, “If it seems
too good to be true, it probably is”, is still of value in
today’s world.

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