ESSC Healthcare Division

ESSC- A CORPORATION THAT CARES ABOUT THE RESIDENTS OF YOUR FACILITY, But more than delivering a high level of quality to our clients, we also strive to maintain that level of quality to a special group of people – your residents and patients.

We know how important it is for your residents to have clean, pleasant and safe surroundings which is why we do our best to make sure that the environment they live in meets a high standard that ensures complete satisfaction of those who are receiving care at your facility.

ESSC is committed to consistently providing the highest level of housekeeping, laundry, and floor services to the health care industry. Our dedication extends to the residents of those facilities, assuring the cleanest, most pleasant, and safest environment in which to live.</span>

For additional information please contact Steve Twigg 1-800-622-8182 ext 118 or email at “

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