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Boosaaso:(SIC):- Gudomiyaha Gobolka Bari C/samad Maxamed Galan ayaa ka hadlay amaanka Gobolka Bari iyo qaraxyo maalmihii udanbeeyay ka dhacay magalada Boosaaso. Gudomiyaha ayaa sheegay in amaanka Gobolka wanaagsanyahay marka laga reebo fidnawadayaal mararka qaar dhacdooyin amaanka qalqalgalinaya sameeya waxaana uu sheegay in hawlgalo balaaran fuliyeen dadbadana ay xabsiga dhigeen. C/samad ayaa sheegay in lamaha amaanka wadaan baaritaano iyo hawlgalo amaanka lagu xoojinayo waxaana uu cadeeyay in dadban oo danbiyo kala duwan loo haysto ay soo qabteen baaritaanana lagu hayo. Mamulka ayaa kulamo laqaatay mamulada xafadaha shacabka iyo warfidiyeenada Gobolka waxaana dhamaantood ay isku raaceen in… Read Article →

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Every business contains a well-defined list of consumers, that step by step will increase with time. Manual management of client data could be a feverish task, thanks to lack of effectiveness and quantity of your time consumed. The information of each enterprise is subject to duplication and reserve errors, particularly since the patronage keeps increasing, and once the choice to expand operations arises. To avoid varied issues that return beside irregular knowledge, CRM (customer relationship management) software package came into existence – to form knowledge sharing quicker and a lot of convenient. Actually, the full… Read Article →