Seattle somatics – allison antrim

Allison  graduated from Cortiva Institute in March 2010. She offers prenatal and 
postpartum massage, and doula services. As a massage practitioner and a  doula,
her focus is on the mother-to-be.  With pregnancy cushions,  Allison is able to
position the client on their side or in a  semi-recumbent position.  This allows
her to work on any areas of  concern the mother might have.  As a doula, Allison
provides  continuous labor support throughout the pregnancy and in the
delivery  room. Her hope as a doula is for the client and her partner to 
have the best possible birth experience, with or without pain  medication. They
will work as a team to ensure that mother is confident,  comfortable, and
informed as she makes the decisions and plans for her  labor & delivery.

In  addition to her private practice, Allison works in a spa and a physical 
therapy clinic.  She is available for injury treatment and relaxation  massage.
Most recently, you can find Allison at Cortiva as a TA sharing  her passion for
massage with new students.

In her free time, she enjoys running and playing Rock Band with her family.

Massage Practitioner, Cortiva Institute, Seattle, WA 2010

Doula, Seattle Midwifery School, Seattle, WA 2010

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