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A highly topical competition has been launched by the School of Communication Arts 2.0. Entitled “It’s My Party”, the competition calls for prospective students to come up with an idea for a single-issue political party then create a political broadcast. This can be a cartoon, Flash movie, or anything multimedia and the issue is completely up to you (it hopefully doesn’t need to be said that offensive material will be removed). There are three fantastic prizes on offer for the winners, each one receiving a £13,000 scholarship at the school.

While this does not fall fully under our domain, it is of interest to us as it rewards the ability to harness social media to spread the video virally, with scholarships going to the video with the most views, and the most votes, as well as one for creativity. The videos can be bookmarked with all the usual Facebook, Twitter, and Digg links to ensure it is as easy as possible to allow the videos to go viral. With an award winning School of Communications emphasising the role of social media, there can be no doubt of the importance it plays in modern society. As always, this can be applied to events promotion, and hence it’s worth a mention here.

Interestingly though, neither Brown or Cameron has much of a following online, with Brown at a miserable 5,285 fans in his largest group (though suspiciously unofficial looking at the status updates), trumped by the Tories’ “Share for Change” Cameron campaign at 20,406 fans, both bewilderingly pathetic when compared to say, Barack Obama’s 8,000,000+ fans.

In summary, if you are 18-24, seeking a scholarship at the School of Communication Arts 2.0 then please visit and get virally promoting your political broadcast.

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