Coaches and personal growth facilitators at somatic training institute

Coaches & Personal Growth Facilitators

As a personal growth facilitator or coach, you are already intimate with the process of transformation. So you know that when your clients begin moving toward what they want in life, whatever is in the way comes to the forward. Often what has been in the way is unconscious and is deeply connected to old experiences and beliefs. For people who have experienced trauma, the nervous system has become sensitized and on-guard to potential or perceived threat. As you support your clients to evolve and help them to push the edges of what is familiar and habitual, their very being can feel threatened. People who have not experienced trauma usually have the capacity and resources to meet the challenge and rise to the occasion. However, clients who have had overwhelming experiences in their pasts are neurologically predisposed to dissociate, shut down, become angry or fearful, procrastinate, and even revert to dangerous old patterns and unhealthy behaviors. Because they are hardwired to protect against threat, when pushed, these previously traumatized clients enter primitive brain states that are antithetical to change. When you hit this point with your clients, instead of creating opportunities for transformation you are simply pushing up against a brick wall. We recognize that you are an expert at creating change, but unfortunately, for some clients, intensive change can be too much too soon.

Many of the exercises and techniques used in self-growth work designed to bust through old ways of being can be re-traumatizing. We’ve designed our trainings to help you track your clients and recognize the subtle and overt cues which signal whether they are present and available for change, or whether they have been hijacked by their past. With STI’s additional specialized training, your work with people can go from great to phenomenal. Our training will provide a roadmap that you can integrate into your existing program so that you can help your clients achieve integrated, cellular, long-lasting change.

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