Guide e-book – radha kunda

The Transcendental Land of Vraja-Vrindavana.

The enchanting tract of land known as Vraja was the earthly playground of Lord Krishna, revealed in the Vedic scriptures to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 5,000 years ago Lord Krishna appeared on earth and performed transcendental pastimes as a cowherd boy and enjoyed intimate exchanges of divine love with the beautiful cowherd girls known as the gopis of Vraja.

Vrindavana – the sacred forest where Lord Krishna performed the rasa-dance with the gopis and which is presently the site of India’s holiest city where there are thousands of temples and holy shrines dedicated to Radha and Krishna.

Radha-kunda – the most sacred lake in the world where the divine lovers Radha and Krishna would meet secretly every day and where they would bathe and enjoy sporting pastimes in the lakes translucent waters.

Govardhana Hill – the great mountain that was lifted by Lord Krishna so that He could use it as an umbrella to protect the local inhabitants of Vraja from devastating rainfall sent by the proud and angry rain-god Indra.

Vraja Mandala Parikrama – the holy land of Vrindavana Dhama covers an area of 84 square miles and contains twelve important forests where Lord Krishna performed His transcendental pastimes. The circumambulation of these twelve sacred forests is known as the Vraja Mandala Parikrama and every year thousands of pilgrims go by foot around these forests and hundreds of other holy places that are located on the way.

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