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  • The BGP Page – Information on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and its use.
  • Cisco – Software Center – Downloadable software and documentation for Cisco routers
  • Cisco Systems In A Nutshell – Reference site for CCIE, CCNA, CCDA and other Cisco certification candidates with hundreds of useful links
  • comp.dcom.sys.cisco FAQ – Router configuration information
  • DrayTek – Developer of VPN/IPSec, Vigor ISDN/broadband router for connecting to Ethernet-or USB-interface ADSL/Cable modem, wireless LAN access, and miniVigor128 USB ISDN TA.
  • dtool – Networking & Network Security – Quick thoughtful articles, tips, and links to advanced information on: Cisco protocols, VPN’s, FW-1 & Windows 2000
  • FAIN – Future Active IP Networks – Developing network architecture; is a European IST Project.
  • Inter-domain Routing – A list of informational resources on inter-domain routing in the Internet.
  • Introduction to OSPF Routing – OSPF is an extension to RIP that transmits link status messages instead of using vector-distance algorithms.
  • Introduction to Routing – Basic discussion of routing includes description of RIP, RIP2, OSPF, EGP, and BGP.
  • MRT Routing Software – Free Internet routing daemon software and tools for Unix operating systems. Includes BGP4, RIP, and OSPF protocols, as well as IPv6.
  • SimRouter – Offers CCNA certification training online through simulated routing environments.
  • The vRouter Project – The vRouter project aims to develop an open-source IP network simulator for Unices.

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