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A highly topical competition has been launched by the School of Communication Arts 2.0. Entitled “It’s My Party”, the competition calls for prospective students to come up with an idea for a single-issue political party then create a political broadcast. This can be a cartoon, Flash movie, or anything multimedia and the issue is completely up to you (it hopefully doesn’t need to be said that offensive material will be removed). There are three fantastic prizes on offer for the winners, each one receiving a £13,000 scholarship at the school. While this does not fall… Read Article →

– My Favorite Subscriptions And A Little About Them – Some of  the Links below work as referrals so please please use them. I would be super grateful and might even send you small gift if you send a message through the contact me page.  The Fancy – $39/month plus $7.95/shipping. They offer several different fancy boxes curated by celebrities such as pink, Jennifer love Hewitt,  Ashton Kutcher,  Coco Rocha,  Chef Tyler Florence and Verbalthey also offer a Fancy Food, Mothers day s well as a Fancy box in which you can choose several different categories of goods that you would like to be included… Read Article →

Just about every guy knows that you need to hit the gym and throw some heavy weights around if you want to build muscle. Something far fewer realize is that how you eat will be the determining factor in how successful your efforts in the gym are. Training with weights causes micro-trauma to the muscle, which, when repaired, will result in muscular gains if you eat the right foods in the right amounts. The Most Common Mistakes There are two main nutrition mistakes people make when trying to build muscle: Not eating enough Eating the… Read Article →