Discovering If You Have Genital Warts

The sad thing about genital warts is that a lot of people do not know they have because they do not know what they look like. So what exactly do they look like? When you find out how to spot them, it will be a whole lot easier to tell if you have been infected. Proper identification is critical if you plan on attempting to treat them yourself. Otherwise, you should see your doctor.

Genital warts are generally white or pinkish small bumps that are found in the genital region. These small bumps look like the very same warts that are usually found on your hands and fingers. Some of them are so small that you can barely see them until they start popping up in clusters.

Amazingly, there are instances when even doctors can not properly identify genital warts at first glance and often they mistake the warts for pinched skin, abrasions, and normal bumps. To properly identify them, doctors usually use acetic acid on the affected region. Then when something turns white, it means that the individual indeed has genital warts. Another way to identify these warts is by using a colposcope. The lens of this instrument behaves like that of a telescope and by using it the doctor can clearly see what is on the genital area. If you feel some small bumps on your genitals, you need to see a doctor immediately.

A genital wart is caused mainly by a virus known as HPV. Wart outbreaks do not normally occur even among virus-infected individuals. Some warts do not look like warts at all and so it can be hard to tell if you have them. Warts come in various sizes so you need to give immediate medical attention if you feel anything uncommon in your genital area.

Men and women can have genital warts. In men, the warts can appear on the anus, urethra, scrotum, and penis. Warts found around the anal region are usually rough fingerlike projections while the one discovered on the penis will usually be smooth. Their shape is often described as being similar to a cauliflower and has a pearly like color. And since the genital region is usually populated with pubic hair, they can be very hard to see at times.

In women, genital warts are typically located in the vaginal area where there is a lot of moisture. Should you have them around your vagina, you must see your doctor right away as there is a big probably that you might have the warts in the ano-rectal and cervix area also. Women are more prone to develop cervical cancer especially if the warts reach the cervix. Once you find out if you have genital warts, schedule an appointment with the doctor at once.

So being able to identify genital warts is a good thing because you can easily tell if you have them. By merely checking out your genital region, you can tell if you have acquired the virus. It does not really matter if your personal examination turns out incorrect; what is important is that you can get early medical checkup and get proper diagnosis.

Even if genital warts are quite embarrassing, you need to seek medical help at once because you might be putting yourself at risk, especially among women. Even men should seek medical help if they have it. There are several treatment options for getting rid of genital warts. Once the doctor diagnoses your true condition, you will be able to choose the best treatment alternative.

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