Steroids In Baseball – A Disgrace To The Game

Every now and then we hear about a steroid controversy in a sport. Similarly, baseball is also surrounded by steroids controversy. Most of have heard of using steroids in baseball or any other sport but most of us do not know what a steroid is or what are its effects.

What are steroids? Steroids are a male, synthetic version of hormone testosterone. Testosterone is known to enhance the development of muscles and its growth. When testosterone is supplemented with the steroids, one can achieve a lot such as body fat reduction, increase in the muscle mass and improvement in ability of endurance.

Now, the question is why the athletes are so keen to use it? By intake of steroids athletes perform better and have an edge on competition. Many baseball athletes believe that they can hit harder and aim for a home run with intake of steroids.

There are a number of side effects of steroids. From psychologically point of view, a baseball athlete mood ranges from well-being mood to depression. The mood can change quickly from one to another. An athlete can have a violent and aggressive mood as well due to the side effects of steroids. The physical effect of steroids include increase in endurance, muscle mass but it can also have worst side effects such as damaged liver, cancer, acne problem, testicular atrophy, excessive hair loss and growth and many more.

Nowadays, athletes use it because they believe it to be the inevitable path leading to fame but little do they acknowledge the fact that the side effects that can lead to permanent disability. Thus, common man questions whether steroids are worth it considering the rewards and its risk. In the long run, no matter what, regular intake of steroids will harm the athlete.

There have been many controversies surrounding famous baseball players for using steroids in baseball but there is no proof whatsoever that these famous legendary players have used steroids in baseball. For example, Mark McGuire, Gary Sheffield, Barry Bonds and many others have been accused of using steroids in baseball. Barry Bonds was accused of using steroids, supplied to him by his friend Greg Anderson, to set an amazing record. Barry Bonds set the record of hitting home runs in a single season. Could it that he was on steroids or was it that he had a magical season?

No matter what until there is no proof one cannot say whether steroids are being used by baseball athletes or not. Many believe that an athlete still has to face the ball and hit it. So, whether using steroids or not, athletes still have to face the ball.

Although steroids in baseball gives you instant strength and might lead to fame but in the long run, no matter what, it can lead to many risks to athletes health and provide damage physically. Baseball athletes should not use it as it is not worth it. Play the game with honor and fun without harming ones health.

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