More golden diabetic care Information Latest golden diabetic care News 03/01/2006 07:03 PM Bristol-Myers drug raises diabetes risk: study (Reuters via Yahoo! News) The Bristol Myers Squibb Co. antibiotic Tequin can have “life threatening” side effects including serious diabetes, according to a Canadian study on Wednesday which urged doctors to stop prescribing it. 03/01/2006 09:48 AM Coma may be self-induced by teens with diabetes (Reuters via Yahoo! News) Among people with diabetes, there’s a danger that too much insulin can lower blood sugar levels too far, which can lead to coma in severe cases. While… Read Article →

Dan Htoo-Levine is many things to many people. According to our lawyers, quite a few of those things cannot be mentioned here. Either way, Dan’s vocals and guitar give Dear Havanah most of its grit, and a solid helping of soul. 4 Questions for Dan … How do you prepare for a show? I like to relax as much as possible before a show. Take a shower, eat a good meal, spin a good record – it’s all part of it. I hate rushing around and being stressed before playing, because that definitely carries over… Read Article →

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Psalm 7 is a fascinating Psalm, asking for judgment. The Psalmist starts out by declaring how he puts his trust in God, and asking that God save him from his persecuters. Now, after saying this, he says something very interesting. He then says that if he has iniquity on his hands, he prays that his enemy will persecute him, and that his enemy will kill him. Now, lets stop and look over this again. The Psalmist is praying that God will save him, but, if he has done something wrong; something to deserve this persecution,… Read Article →

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Ativan is a powerful anxiety drug belonging to the group of drugs called benzodiazepines. Also called the miracle pill, Ativan works on and enhances the effect of chemical GABA or Gamma-amino butyric acid in the brain and brings about a calming effect. Before you buy Ativan with or without consulting your doctor, it is recommended to know a few facts about this drug. How should you buy Ativan and use? Ativan is one of the popular drugs used to treat anxiety disorders and various other psychological conditions. If you are planning on buying Ativan without… Read Article →

Capoten (Ecaten) Active Ingredient: Captopril Capoten is used for treating high blood pressure, heart failure, or certain diabetic kidney problems. Other names for this medication Ace-hemmer, Acediur, Acenorm, Aceomel, Acepress, Aceprotin, Aceril, Acetab, Aceten, Acetor, Actopril, Adocomp, Adocor, Alkadil, Angiopril, Angiten, Apopril, Bidipril, Brealin, Brucap, Capace, Capdon, Capobal, Capocard, Capomil, Caposan, Capotec, Capotril, Capozide, Caprine, Captace, Captea, Captensin, Capto comp, Capto-puren, Captobeta, Captoflux, Captogamma, Captogen, Captohasan, Captohexal, Captol, Captolin, Captophar, Captopin, Captopren ag, Captopress, Captoprilan, Captoprilum, Captor, Captoretic, Captoruna, Captosina, Captosol, Captospes, Captostad, Captotec, Captowa, Captozid, Captral, Cardiagen hct, Cardopril, Catoplin, Cesplon, Co-captopril genericon, Cor… Read Article →