Too much consumption of fatty foods can result to obesity. Being obese can lead to other serious health issues that are very risky. Nevertheless, our body still requires the dietary fat that is why we still need to consume just the right amount of fats. The dietary fats play an important role in proper function of bodily function like heart rate, blood clotting and blood pressure. There are many ways to prevent obesity and one way is to take a low-fat diet. Aside from consuming just the right amount of fats you can also avoid… Read Article →

Are you thinking seriously about sexual health? The last thing we want to admit is that we’re not doing everything we could or should to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunction or unwanted pregnancy. “I didn’t know” is never an excuse, so whether you’re 15 or 45, it’s time to give yourself a serious once-over and be sure you’re taking the right steps to live a healthy lifestyle. Recent studies suggest that trust is a large factor in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, and it’s not just teenagers who put too much… Read Article →

One of the most aggressive and destructive forms of cancer is neuroendocrine carcinoma of colon. The worst thing about this is that more often than not it is detected in it’s late stages where is it very difficult to do anything about it. As the effects of neuroendocrine colon cancer take form only in the most advanced stages the rate of survival of the patient diminishes. The polyps or tumors of the colon are malignant and are usually detected with distant metastases. In several surveys, reports tell us that in almost all cases of neuroendocrine… Read Article →

Like all cancers, skin cancer is caused when the cells are exposed to some external environmental condition. This causes the cells, or more specifically the genes in the cell to mutate and become known as a oncogene. An oncogene promotes tumor growth. In many cases of cancer it is not always clear what the environmental condition or conditions may be. In fact, it may not be just one condition that promotes cancer growth but a multitude of them making it harder to prevent the development of the disease. In the case of skin cancer, the… Read Article →

Have you ever heard of “the French paradox”? If you haven’t, then it is something you need to explore. The French are traditionally known to consume a high-fat diet, yet they have an unusually low percentage of heart disease. For years, researchers and scientists had been trying to figure out how the French could defy convention with their diet and reap better results. The answer: daily consumption of red wine. Red wine contains a substance hailed as the primary anti-aging substance: resveratrol. Resveratrol has a wealth of benefits that, if consumed in higher doses, can… Read Article →

Feminine health has over the years become a much more complicated problem as several gynecologic problems have begun cropping up and affecting women’s health in an appalling manner. Breast cancer has in particular been a traumatizing issue for thousands of women across the world, requiring therapies ranging from radiation to surgical. Other severe gynecologic problems include cervical cancer, abnormal pap smear, vaginal dysplasia etc. Not only are these extremely painful gynecologic problems but also require enhanced, long process treatments with various side effects. Women from metropolitan cities are becoming more prone to breast cancer and… Read Article →

Canine cancer is becoming so commonplace that it does not surpris us anymore.Sounds dramatic but its true and very sad. Sad because it’s avoidable Veterinarians have been really worried this last few years and their fear has now been realised by us Dog owners who are starting to lisen. We are lisening because of a few disturbing facts that have emerged Did you know that 1. Your dog is twice as likely to develop leukemia than humans. 2.With breast cancer the statistics are 4 times that of humans. 3.Double that for Bone cancer 4.The big… Read Article →

AdreCor is created by NeuroScience and also it is a multivitamin add to utilized to improve energy, improve focus and also memory, holds the adrenal gland and also reduces exhaustion, low energy. AdreCor offers an all-natural approach to getting more energy as well as handling stress in a healthy way. Unrelenting stress can cause headaches, upset belly, elevated hypertension, heart difficulties, sleeplessness, skin conditions, hair thinning, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, overweight, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sexual dysfunction, tooth and gum illness, ulcers, asthma, arthritis, depression, anxiety, as well as possibly cancer. Anxiety also turns out to be dangerous when… Read Article →

Displaying 11 – 19 of 19 entries. How to Turn Fabulous Earrings into Some Style Special Posted on December 22, 2011 at 2:16 am Earring values for women and men. Several men wear an earring on one ear. They treat it as fashion. Women particularly values earring commonly and they furthermore use athletic earring as asserted by function. They use earring with equivalent suits. All the women get earring from market. Even she is employed woman or housewife. All types’ females use earring. There is a large-scale tendency to use gold earring in usual usual… Read Article →

The Transcendental Land of Vraja-Vrindavana. The enchanting tract of land known as Vraja was the earthly playground of Lord Krishna, revealed in the Vedic scriptures to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 5,000 years ago Lord Krishna appeared on earth and performed transcendental pastimes as a cowherd boy and enjoyed intimate exchanges of divine love with the beautiful cowherd girls known as the gopis of Vraja. Vrindavana – the sacred forest where Lord Krishna performed the rasa-dance with the gopis and which is presently the site of India’s holiest city where there are thousands of… Read Article →